Our Products

We enable transformation by virtue of future-proof Technology and Services, Building Ecosystems, Transforming Workflows, Engaging the Community and Exceeding Customer expectations – all of which empowers the concepts of 'Providing Cure to Managing Care' and 'Decentralizing Care'. We do not treat healthcare transformation as one big simple project, but instead, we embark on a journey that involves developing impact driven models and programs with meticulous planning and implementation strategies that meets the specific needs of our customers. We break down each process into structured and manageable stages and guiding users steadily towards adoption of these new technologies and workflows in their day-to-day work.

Derwaza - Digital Gateway

The Digital Gateway first emerged in MENA as a strategic response solution to the COVID Pandemic in Kuwait. Designed by clinicians with inputs from the local community, Derwaza has proven to be one of the most practical solutions for social distancing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in Kuwait. Due to unprecedented demand and the need for quick deployment, The core modules of Derwaza were first rolled out in a General Hospital and its associated 25+ Primary Healthcare centers, with in as pan of 2 months.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

HARRIS Flex is a comprehensive, fully integrated, patient-centric electronic record system. It includes a full complement of modules and applications integrated into one single database. The solution automates healthcare delivery documentation while providing clinical decision support and supporting best practices. It also covers the entire continuum of care from the ambulatory clinic to the acute care areas to home care and integrates all aspects of patient care into a single, confidential patient-centered electronic patient record. The solution is also cost-effective and provides a high level of return on investment.

Pharmacy Information Management System (PhIS)

PharmaFlow is an integrated pharmacy management solution that helps today's outpatient pharmacies to handle the complexities of modern prescription processing, robot automation, workflow, inventory and queue management which increasing efficiency and patient safety.


It is a Comprehensive stand-alone solution for bedside automation of ICU patient documentation and workflow. It organizes high-volume device data, lab results, calculations, orders, medications and clinical documentation for physicians, nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary team. It supports all types of critical care environments including neonatal, pediatric and adult intensive care units. Capabilities include, Flowsheet Automation, Fluid Management / Fluid Balance Calculation, Advanced Scores, Automated Workflow, Care Protocols / Reminders, Assessments etc.

Integration Engine

Rhapsody is a customizable, all-inclusive interoperability solution that enables reliable data integration within complex healthcare environments. It has built-in FHIR capabilities and is for designed for robust and reliable acquisition and exchange of health data.

Enterprise Imaging Platform

With Enterprise Imaging, you have a single, comprehensive patient imaging record across the entire enterprise. It speeds up image acquisition, sharing and retrieval, while optimizing system efficiency and performance. Cross-departmental image management helps to support your patient care goals, and allows true collaboration across specialties, departments, hospitals and even regions.

Acuity Based Staffing

AcuityPlus is the longest tenured transparent classification system available and the only system that allows you to continually improve productivity and identify best practice opportunities by comparing your acuity data with other organizations. Our solution provides you with the information needed to efficiently manage nursing resources and make intelligent patient care decisions, helping to improve patient care and increase nurse satisfaction, all while effectively managing cost.

Document Management System (DMS)

Laserfiche’s powerful capabilities enable organizations to automate business processes and securely manage content while eliminating paper, optimizing costs and powering innovation. Making your organization’s documents, videos, photos and more available to everyone who needs them, when they need them - is crucial to remaining competitive and getting the most out of your content.

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information has long been an industry-leading provider of point of-care medication content through its Lexicomp line of drug reference solutions. With the Lexi-Drugs Multinational database at its core, Lexicomp Online provides information to help promote medication safety that is not focused on any one country or region.

Vocera Communications

Vocera empowers integrated, intelligent communication in healthcare, hospitality, energy and other mission-critical mobile environments. Vocera is widely recognized for developing smarter ways to communicate that improve patient and customer satisfaction with the Vocera Communication and Care Experience solutions. Vocera provides technology innovations and thought leadership that humanize healthcare for patients, families and care teams and improve customer experience in more than 1,200 organizations worldwide. Vocera’ s lightweight, wearable voice-controlled communication badges and powerful software platform offers a unique calling capability that enables staff to communicate instantly and effortlessly via voice, secure messaging or other integrative systems.

Care Beyond Hospital

Healthcare is evolving and, today, with shifting priorities and system challenges, several technologies like telehealth have emerged as a potential solution. However, for these technologies to be truly successful, improved system integration and accurate patient data collection are more critical than ever. Patients want to engage their physicians with comfort and ease from their own homes and physicians want to provide accurate and convenient care. through our partnership with Intersysto, a software development company based in Belgium, we provide e-Health solutions that empower care beyond hospital and help the elderly and/or sick people to receive care at the comforts of their home and improving the every day life and work conditions in security and confidence.


The need to provide high quality healthcare to everyone while reducing costs has reached a crisis level. More and more it has become evident that Telehealth and virtual care is a cornerstone of the solution. Utilizing telehealth can decrease complications for patients in areas of high acuity like the critical care unit, as well as provide assistance in time-sensitive treatment decisions for emergencies such as stroke care. Teladoc Health' enterprise virtual care platform delivers an intuitive user experience for both patients and physicians — from the hospital to the home. With an end-to-end virtual care platform, integrated devices, a national provider network, and operational support services, Teladoc Health offers a single solution for providers to extend virtual care services and drive increased patient and physician satisfaction, utilization, and market share.