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Derwaza | The Digital Gateway

Derwaza facilitates reliable data integration within complex healthcare environments, and enables caregivers and patients to securely access patient data and perform a wide range of patient centric activities using any mobile device. It combines traditional features of a patient portal with engagement tools, for people to proactively manage their health thereby serving as a Community Engagement Platform which facilitates Population Health Management, Care Beyond the Hospital, and Digital transformation.  


Enterprise Content Management

ECM' powerful capabilities enable organizations to automate business processes and securely manage content while eliminating paper, optimizing costs and powering innovation. Making your organization’s documents, videos, photos and more available to everyone who needs them, when they need them — is crucial to remaining competitive and getting the most out of your content. Digitally capture, secure and  organize documents across the enterprise, allowing it to go paperless, optimize costs and power innovation, Capture & import documents from anywhere while meeting the increasing demands of compliance regulations. ECM guides health care provides to a higher state of productivity, seamlessly connecting imaging with document and records management to manage all hospital and patient content.


Revenue Cycle Management

Our front-end revenue cycle solutions and Analytics improve overall productivity and financial performance all the while ensuring transparency, alleviating patients’ financial stress, boosting clinical documentation accuracy and managing compliance risks.


Management Information System

The reporting module serves as a comprehensive MIS information and reporting system which enhances the flexibility and reporting structure of the HIMS system. Reports can be scheduled, and notifications can be sent as needed. Users can generate needed reports on demand and extract it in different formats.



A customizable, all-inclusive interoperability solution that enables reliable data integration within complex healthcare environments. It has built-in FHIR capabilities and is for designed for robust and reliable acquisition and exchange of health data. The comprehensive set of tools help to simplify interoperability in complex healthcare environments.

Handles multiple interface standards that is required for health data integration, from healthcare protocols to emerging standards  and custom formats. It supports HIPAA and is following all applicable data security polices to ensure high data security.

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