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Clinical Information

Centred around the patient and is a comprehensive IT system which enables storing and retrieving patient demographic and clinical information.


Business Processes

Business Process caters to specific business and workflow requirements such as Human Resource, Communication, Administrative workflows, Billing, Triage, Mobility, and Analytics using specialised software solutions.


Specialised Workflows

Specialised Workflow caters to Communication and Patient / Asset tracking workflow requirements. We provide Marketing, Project Management & Adoption support for SWMS 


Population Health Intelligence

Core platforms that underpin the products and services which we deliver. These include Community Engagement platforms, Interoperability solutions, demographic registers, identity services, messaging platforms for prescriptions and referrals, cohort identification platforms, booking platforms and core infrastructure to support messaging and API-oriented services. 


Continuity of Care

These include solutions and services which we deliver for Care Management Programmes and Homecare solutions that are made available to coordinate various parameters essential to the survival of fragile people and communicate them to doctors, nurses and hospital services to intervene accordingly. Complete, simple and secure ecosystem, with a transversal vision supporting beneficiaries, organisations and caregivers.

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